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If choosing the right elements for your kitchen and bath cabinets was an easy task, projects would be inspired, designed and installed over the course of any given weekend. Truth be told, a successful kitchen renovation takes a multitude of factors into account. Visit our One Stop Kitchen and Baths showroom in Pinellas and receive quality advice and direction, including the following tidbits:

  • Forget re-facing as a cost-effective alternative to new cabinetry. The process is labor intensive and we can likely replace your entire cabinet line for the same price. Plus, instead of just adding a new color or finish to a 20 year-old cabinet layout, we’ll design one that’s modern and fresh.
  • Know what appliances you’re planning to use before you purchase cabinetry. There exist no clear-cut building codes for kitchen design. However, there are a myriad of appliance codes you must adhere to. Enlist our professionals to help you navigate the requirements.
  • Have a clear picture in your mind of your ideal countertop before choosing the cabinets that surround it. Are you a proponent of natural-looking granite, or do you prefer the sleekness of a laminate sheet?
  • Know your budget – and share it with our One Stop Kitchen & Bath professionals. Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your kitchen or add a few vanity cabinets to a bathroom space, we’ll be able to suggest options from the get-go that satisfy your creative needs – and the needs of your pocketbook.
  • Understand the nature of flooring. With travertine, the mud set will require a cabinet adjustment upon installation. Be sure to account for that – and share all flooring information with your One Stop Kitchen & Bath expert.

Speak with a Tampa Bay kitchen and bath cabinet professional today at 727-328-8600 or 813-895-3914.

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